My creative talent was found as a child, which I then carried through my education, studying Art up to degree level. 
I graduated from Aberystwyth University, in 2009, with a BA Joint Honours in Mathematics and Fine Art.

I am now a teacher of maths in the FE sector, but continue to practice art in my spare time.

I truly believe that having a mathematical and logical way of thinking helps me with my artistic talents, much like previous artists M.C.Escher (surrealism) and Leonardo Da Vinci (Renaissance), two I most aspire to.

I feel that my drawings offer a unique style that has developed over the years and have become popular and favoured through my Youtube channel.

In my work, you will notice there is strong emphasis of light and shadow, a technique called Chiaroscuro. In my Youtube Videos, you will also notice, at the initial stages of my drawings, I use mathematical concepts like scaling to proportionately lay out the image onto my work space.

I have three main areas of interest within my own art work; Fan Art (graphite), animation and Anamorphic Art. Still, I am yet to master either of these.

Please feel free to look at my gallery, or head over to my contact page where you will find my Facebook page, YouTube channel and more