Are you smart enough?

By Lee Bourke


Acrylic on Canvas

If you are reading this, then it is likely that you have found a picture of a QR code that directed you to this part of my site.

The intention of this trick was not to be used as a marketing technique. Instead, I wanted to show how technology has had a dramatic influence on art. Technology hasn't just changed art, it has changed what we perceive as art.

The beauty of a QR Code is in it's ambiguous form. A simple code format that is widely recognised all over the world, yet complicated that only a smart phone application can tell apart one from another.

What's even more interesting is, there is one square missing in the image, but the code stil works. So, how inaccurate can the code be before it is unrecognisable to the app? What are the limitations of a QR Code?

These limits are going to be introduced in my future work. I will experiment with colour, media, shape and size to push the limits of what makes a QR Code what it is.

I see this pixelated, digital, technological image as a work of art in itself. After all, it is an image as much as a 12 mega-pixel photograph is.

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Are you smart enough?